Electric scissor lifts

At mateco you will find all types of electric scissor platform adapted to your needs. From about 8 to more than 14 meters of working height, our scissor lift platform rental services from the best brands will serve you for specific and / or recurring tasks. Make your request without obligation!

Our simplest electric scissor for rent platform is capable of supporting from 350 kilos of weight and the most powerful are capable of supporting more than 450kg, almost half a ton. You can find out the price of the scissor lift rental at any time and from anywhere!

Type Working Height Capacity Transport dimensions
maxmax Length Width Height
S1930E 8.00 m 450 kg 2.49 m 1.20 m 2.14 m PDF
GS-2632 9.80 m 227 kg 2.44 m 0.81 m 2.26 m PDF
COMPACT 10 10.15 m 450 kg 2.30 m 1.20 m 2.26 m
S3246 12.00 m 320 kg 2.50 m 1.17 m 2.39 m PDF
GS-4047 13.70 m 350 kg 2.44 m 1.19 m 2.54 m PDF

Rent of scissor lift platform of all dimensions

Like the height or weight, both the length and width of our products adapt to all circumstances. From lengths of 2.44 to 2.49 meters, you can have an electric scissor platform rental adapted to the performance you are going to perform at any time.

As for the width, the different platforms have from 80 centimeters to 1.40 meters, with a minimum height ranging from 1.17 meters to 1.20 meters. Check the rental price of a scissor lift!

An off-road diesel scissor lift

These platforms will serve you for interior work in industrial warehouses, installations of different heights and maintenance tasks, among other types of work. If you already know the model of electric scissor platform for rent you need, look it up in our list.

The different types of Mateco industrial machinery such as the electric scissor platform will be very useful for work at height, with total freedom of movement. It will allow the movement of all kinds of necessary material, and one or more people to be able to carry out tasks that do not need to be aware of the height support.